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Partner Travel Photo Shoot

Whether you are friends, family or a couple wanting to document your trip in Taipei, Minim Photographic Studio is here to capture the two of you. 

Our technique allows us to slow down the process of the photoshoot, allowing you both to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Our patient approach is to allow us all to create a bond, to capture natural images of you both, while allowing you to have a moment to take in the magnificent scenery and environment of Taipei.

With extensive local knowledge, and a passion for exploring, we can tailor the location of the shoot to meet your needs, from iconic Taipei landmarks to hidden historical sites, quirky streets and beautiful nature escapes.

Mixing between candid, formal and environmental portraits, Minim Photographic Studio will provide you with a variety of images to preserve your memories and tell a story of your experience in Taipei.

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